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Ovation Award Winner

Jessie Richardson Award Winner


Jessie Richardson Award Winner 


Tyrone Guthrie Award


Jessie Richardson Award Winner 


Ray Michal Award Winner


Jessie Richardson Award Nominee 

Outstanding Direction, Something Rotten!

Outstanding Direction, Green Lake


Outstanding Artistic Creation-Direction, Selfie   


Stratford Shakespeare Festival


Outstanding Artistic Creation-Direction, Le portrait Gooble  


Outstanding Body of Work by an Emerging Director                            

Outstanding Direction, The Trolley Car
















"Somebody give this show an award. Director Rachel Peake and the students at Studio 58 have breathed fresh life into Angels in America—and that’s no small achievement."

                                               - Kathleen Oliver, the Georgia Straight

"For all its multimedia cues and director Rachel Peake’s innovative staging, Stickboy keeps it real...

One of the Top Ten Standout Arts Events of 2014"

                                                      - Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight

"Smart, funny, political: if this play were a guy, I’d date him...

Under Rachel Peake’s able direction, Alley Theatre’s production [Kayak] is pleasingly minimalist"

                                                      - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight


"Rachel Peake has done an excellent job of directing Play with Monsters - casting it, shaping the business, creating theatrical moments"                               - Colin Thomas, the Georgia Straight

"After Jerusalem is a banquet of pleasure Besides casting the show perfectly, director Rachel Peake stages it wittily. Just wait till you see Vladimir and Carol's tango." 

                                                      - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Rachel Peake’s lively direction and the luminous performances of the young leads make it [Green Lake] a welcome distraction for a miserable rainy November."

                                            - Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun


"For Rossini’s take on the Cinderella story, director Rachel Peake has created a vital, engaged staging, swiftly paced and full of comic verve and what seems authentically Italian buffoonery."                    - David Gordon Duke, The Vancouver Sun

"Director Rachel Peake keeps [Play With Monsters] zipping along like a smart cinematic indie rom-com."

                                             - Mark Leiren-Young, The Vancouver Sun

"Under Rachel Peake's direction, this [The Trolley Car] is a very stylish and stylized production"- Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier


"Kayak really got me where I live... you will – or ought to – talk about this play for ages" - Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier




"Director Rachel Peake stages everything with rich detail, from the cramped seats on an airplane to a rustic path in a vineyard in France. She also guides quiet truth and desire out of her actors." 

                                                           - David C Jones CharpoCanada 

"Success in La Cenerentola is in the details; Rachel Peake’s direction threw all the characters into emotional whirlwinds of choreographed activity but never lost sight of the finer points of the opera, resulting in a humorous and highly enjoyable staging."                             – Miles Linklater, Opera Magazine, London

Kayak was voted one of the Best of Vancouver Theatre in 2013 "#3 - Kayak - It is a testament to... Rachel Peake’s abilities as a director... that a woman sitting in a kayak for an hour and half could be so damn compelling."      -Mark Robins


After Jerusalem was voted one of the Best of Vancouver Theatre in 2011  "#4 - The gift that kept on giving - After Jerusalem"  

                                                        - Mark Robins


"Rachel Peake has directed this handsome production with a striking simplicity."                                     - David C Jones, OutTV


"No one who has ever seen Angels in America will forget the closing scene: as theatrical spectacles go, it doesn’t get much bigger. Director Peake, costume designer Amy McDougall, sound designer Malcolm Dow, lighting designer Jeff Harrison and set designer Drew Facey join forces to blow the place wide open."                                                                     - Jo Ledingham, 



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